Orange County DUI Lawyer

Orange County DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge is a serious matter. If convicted of a DUI offense a person can face jail time, license suspension and heavy fines. This is definitely a legal matter that a person doesn’t want to face alone. To put it simply, a DUI attorney is the only thing standing between a person and the harsh consequences of a conviction. Orange County DUI lawyer Christopher J. McCann is experienced with DUI matters and can help you with your case.

Experienced legal counsel like Orange County DUI lawyer Christopher J. McCann can help to make sure the worst doesn’t happen with a DUI case. In some instances he can even get the charges dismissed outright. There are many things that can be wrong with the case presented by the court. It takes an experienced legal mind to see this. How was the evidence gathered? Does the evidence even support the charge? There could be many errors that were overlooked with a DUI case that only an experienced DUI lawyer such as Christopher J. McCann can uncover. How was the breathalyzer test administered? If any field sobriety tests were conducted, were they done properly? It isn’t the prosecutor’s duty to put up a defense for you, and they aren’t concerned with any errors that may result in your conviction.

Orange County DUI lawyer Christopher J. McCann will help make sure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to your DUI case. He is the right choice if you want to avoid jail time, heavy fines and keep your license. Going to court without competent legal counsel can prove costly. If your license is suspended, how will you get to work? You could easily lose your job. A conviction on a DUI charge might also bar you from being employed in certain fields.

As you can see, a DUI charge is a serious matter and should be handled with care. If you want to have a fighting chance in court, Orange County DUI lawyer Christopher J. McCann is the legal representation that you need by your side.

What Do My Clients Say?

I would highly recommend Christopher McCann based solely on my initial meeting with him. I was in need of advice for a DUI situation, and Chris spent an hour and half with me going over all evidence and diving into the case wholeheartedly. At the end of our FREE consultation, Chris was honest and deduced that it wouldn’t help me to have him represent my case, and he didn’t want me to spend unnecessary money to do so. He went over what I was to say in my own defense, and counseled me on what to expect, etc. He went above and beyond to help me, and his integrity, compassion, and honesty shone through. This is the kind of person you want representing you…a man who cares about you and every detail of your case. Thank you, Chris, for being who you are in a field where someone like you is hard to find! We appreciate you!!!
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