Orange County Criminal Law & DUI Defense Clients Speak Out — Client Testimonials

Several clients and close friends have encouraged me to publish some comments and notes that my clients have sent me over the years. To that end I will start digging through the files, as time permits, and post those here.

“I am healthy and just celebrated  four years substance free!’

You played a role in that journey. I am eternally thankful to have met you and grateful for the excellent representation you provided.

—Karen B. 

“You have been a blessing to our family Chris and we will always remember you!”

My son is 11 months sober, at rehabilitation working through the program, growing in sobriety and mentoring others. He is a different person and I hope one day you can see his life changes! 


“I Recommend Him Highly.”

Christopher McCann was personable, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and diligent as he handled our case. He’s down to earth and easy to talk to. He responded to our emails relatively quickly and very open to Q&A. I recommend him highly.


“We Appreciate You!!!”

First of all, he provided an extremely comprehensive defense, I mean, he took literally every step possible to win my case. He made the cop wish he never wrote the ticket. Because even after the court found me guilty during trial by mail, he filed for trial de novo, fought the case, and all charges were dropped! I must say, for a top defense attorney, Chris McCann had a very reasonably priced retainer (damn cheap) & he didn’t ask for ridiculous consultation fees. And watch out, some lawyers will take the retainer and not do much. But Chris McCann will bring down the house if he has to. I called him the day before court mind you. Chris McCann has very concise defense strategies and if you hire him, take his advice and sit back and let the master do what he does best! Seriously, take his advice, he knows what he’s doing, and relax, you hired the best.


“Chris McCann Was A Great Choice”

Chris McCann was a great choice to defend my son’s case. He knows the legal system and has many contacts that can help with the status of filings. He was able to recommend a program for my son to complete in lieu of being charged. After successfully completing the program, all charges were dismissed. We could not be happier with the excellent legal counsel from Chris and would highly recommend him to others.


“Exceptional Attorney! Exceptional Person!”

I hired Christopher McCann in April of 2016 based on evidence of his knowledge, skills, experience, and proven results after doing a great deal of research. He receives excellent reviews from former and current clients. He is respected by colleagues, including other attorneys and judges. He is a member of several professional organizations, working hard to stay current with changes to federal and state laws, including DUI laws. My experience with him and the results that he obtained for me exceeded my expectations. Because I did everything that we agreed upon to fulfill the requirements for alternative sentencing, he was able to resolve a second DUI case for me with the outcome being that I will pay approximately $220.00 in court costs. That is it.

I am in a career where my reputation is judged along with my skills. Upon receiving a 2nd DUI, I had a great deal to lose if my case was not handled well. At the same time, I am not in profession where wealth is the number one reward for a job well done. So, the cost for hiring a good attorney was a factor in deciding who to hire. I knew that defense for a second DUI was not going to be inexpensive, but I was not prepared for what some of the attorneys I spoke with wanted to charge me. In searching for a respected, proven attorney with experience handling second DUIs (or multiple DUIs) many of them quoted me fees ranging between $5500 to $9000 for the privilege of hiring them and that was only if the case did not go to trial. In several cases, the egos seemed as big as the fees I was being asked to pay…and I decided that was simply to be expected.

I first met to hire someone for a fee that would mean borrowing money. I arrived at the initial appointment to find my attorney not there and met a person without the same experience who was apparently going to handle my case. I politely declined to hire their services. I am so thankful for that event because it sent me to Chris McCann’s door.

There I met an attorney who is also a person. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable without being arrogant about it. He is passionate about the law. Yet, also a caring man who works hard to get the best outcome for his clients. He charged me one flat fee to handle the DUI case and the DMV hearing. Other attorneys charged separately if they were asked to be involved with the DMV hearing. Many of them also did not charge a flat fee, meaning that what one could end up paying a somewhat unpredictable amount in the end.

As I said to Mr. McCann, he wins his cases, so if he is going to operate like others in his field…he really needs to start charging more. I very much doubt he will listen to me. He will charge what he believes is fair based on the details of each particular case and what work is needed for that case.

I have recommended Christopher J. McCann to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I consider him to be an exceptional attorney and an exceptional person, who violates all of those negative stereotypes about what lawyers are like. : )