Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting charged with a crime is never easy, and dealing with the aftermath of a criminal charge can be stressful, especially considering the aftermath of a criminal trial. Fortunately, defense lawyers and law firms are available to provide competent legal services to assist with your case. Regardless of the charge, hiring a defense attorney to help manage your case is the best way to possibly avoid jail time. In Anaheim, the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann can provide you with the legal support crucial to keeping you out of prison.

Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Makes a Defense Attorney Different from Other Attorneys?

As with any legal professional, finding a specific legal field to cultivate your expertise in is part of becoming a successful lawyer. For criminal defense attorneys, this field is criminal defense, which requires extensive knowledge of criminal statutes and penal codes in a particular area. For example, a defense attorney in California will be well-versed in the clauses surrounding the “three strikes” sentencing statute, especially concerning whether or not the crime committed was an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony.

What Is the Primary Role of a Defense Attorney?

Any legal professional’s primary role is as a source of information on your case, with the expertise and legal knowledge to back up your claims in court. A defense attorney is specifically trained to prove your innocence, especially when accused or charged with a crime. By gathering the necessary evidence from you, as well as any witness testimony to formulate your alibi, your defense attorney is responsible for crafting your defense. With a trusted law firm and expert legal team, you can be sure that the services provided by your defense attorney can get you out of the courtroom and back to your normal life.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Cost?

As with most legal proceedings, the cost of your case can vary greatly depending on the length of your trial. The length of time you spend in court, as well as the level of escalation of your charge, can all determine the total price for your legal services. In terms of pricing for your legal team, a bulk of your court fees will end up being compensation for your legal counsel. For those that cannot afford a private lawyer or those who rely on public defenders and other state-appointed attorneys, these fees are typically covered by the state.

How Does Criminal Defense for a DUI Work?

Getting charged with a DUI in California can be a particularly difficult process, and finding the right legal team able to help you with your case is crucial for putting this behind you. When pulled over, you reserve the right to object to an initial sobriety test; however, if convicted of a DUI, you must consent to at least one test that helps determine whether or not you have alcohol in your system. From then on, cooperating with the police is the best plan for creating a calm, non-hostile transition over to temporary detainment. At this time, seeking a defense attorney is your best shot at preparing a solid defense.

For example, if you are pulled over by the police for driving recklessly, and once pulled over, you had signs that indicated to the officer that you were under the influence, they have the right to ask you to perform certain sobriety tests. As an individual, you have the right to withhold consent regarding these tests; however, California’s “implied consent” law states that you must take a chemical sobriety test after your arrest. So, if pulled over by the police for suspected drunk driving, you can refuse any breathalyzer tests administered before your arrest without breaking the law.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest?

After being released from jail, the initial impact of being arrested, as well as any court-ordered citations proving that you have been charged with a DUI, can go into effect. Any DMV-related matters, such as temporary licenses or license suspension, as well as any court appearances, are typically conducted during this time. After getting charged with a DUI, you have ten days to find legal counsel for a DMV-based hearing that will determine whether or not your license is suspended. From there, securing a defense attorney can be the best asset to have for any future court appearances.

Depending on the severity of your case, as well as any outlying factors concerning other parties involved in the incident or your arrest, you may be given fines from the court. For example, the fines that follow a first-time DUI charge can cost around $1000 and be accompanied by anywhere from 16 to 36 months in prison. On the other hand, if you were convicted of a felony DUI charge that involved injuries to other people, the amount you pay in fines, as well as the prison sentence tied to the charge, are all dependent on the outcome of your trial. Your defense attorney, due to their knowledge of the situation, as well as the factors surrounding your case, can amass the evidence to properly advocate for you in both a DMV hearing and trial court.

Contact Our Anaheim Criminal Defense Legal Team About Your Case

For any case involving a criminal charge, finding a criminal defense attorney that can organize the facts of the case, including witness testimony, alibis, and unlawful practices made by law enforcement, you can be sure that your team can accurately defend you in court. For DUIs, one of the most common charges made by California police every year, the process of restoring your license, driving abilities, and life after being convicted of a DUI starts with hiring an expert defense lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann, we can assure you that our expertise in criminal defense can provide the necessary support you need for any criminal conviction. Spanning from common cases like DUIs to larger, more nuanced issues like domestic violence or drug-related crimes, our legal team is well-versed in Orange County, California criminal law, providing you with a strong, knowledgeable defense perfectly suited for the courtroom. For more information, including information about our team and a complete list of our practice areas, visit our website and schedule a consultation today.


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