DUI With Injury

Charged With DUI With Injury? I Can Help.

A strong defense is vital if you have been charged with a DUI that resulted in injury. I am Christopher McCann, and I am here to protect your rights.

Do not wait to contact me if you have been charged with a felony DUI with injury. Call me at 888-360-4256.

I have more than 15 years of experience handling DUI cases for the accused. I represent clients in Santa Ana and throughout Orange County who have been charged with DUI with injury and other serious DUI offenses, including DUI with great bodily injury ("GBI"), vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

A Strong Defense Against DUI Charges

I understand the DUI laws in California and the defense strategies available to protect your future. I will review your charges, the incidents leading up to your arrest and through the completion of the chemical test. It is important to work with a lawyer who has knowledge of how DUI cases are handled by prosecutors so you can effectively prepare your defense.

DUI offense with injury can be a felony offense, even if you are first-time offender. DUI with injury charges result in harsher consequences and a longer license suspension if you are convicted.

I know how to navigate your criminal case and your DMV hearing to protect your rights and driving privileges. DUI charges after an accident causing injuries can result in severe penalties that can impact your driving privileges, job opportunities and reputation. I will help you address these challenges and fight to get you the best outcome possible.

Work With An Attorney

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