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For too many people, there is an idea that some crimes are victimless, that because no harm is inflicted on an actual person there is no “victim”. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it is merely a way to absolve the person from his responsibility of having damaged someone however indirectly. Vandalism is one such crime, where property is destroyed or otherwise defaced. Although it may seem like it is just a matter of filling out the right forms and repairing the damage, vandalism can actually do a lot more damage, especially if meant as a warning or to threaten. With the help of an Orange County criminal defense attorney you can ensure that your rights are defended and that you receive the least possible punishment for your crimes.

Vandalism is usually a crime one associates with the young, looking to make their literal mark on the local environment or to make a point with others. It can also be an artist who creates art where it is not wanted or commissioned, just to decorate the area. It can also be part of a threat, encouraging someone to move out of the area because of the person’s race or even attitude. In some cases it can just be a remark on someone’s personality or part of an ongoing argument between two people. It is important to figure out what the situation is before a proper defense can be created.

criminal defense lawyer in Orange County must determine what the best course of action to follow is, and can only do this once both sides are known. Once they are known, then the case becomes a lot simpler. The problem with vandalism is that far too often the person doing the vandalizing does not see that damage has been inflicted, creating a potential problem for the defense attorney. This is usually the case for taggers and artists, and it can make the defense’ case more difficult, especially if First Amendment rights are invoked.

However, a criminal defense vandalism lawyer in Orange County, as anywhere else, does have some advantages in a vandalism case. The biggest advantage is that usually the vandalism is limited, usually a broken window or something painted on the door or building. Reparations, usually labor and materials, can be arranged quickly and quietly. As long as no other crimes were committed alongside the vandalism, such as burglary, criminal charges can sometimes be avoided. This is not to say that the person will get off, especially if the person is beginning to get a reputation or if the person believes in his innocence.

This means that the defense attorney has an interesting row to hoe. He needs to convince the vandalized party not to press charges while at the same time finding a suitable solution to deal with the damages of the vandal’s act. The best criminal defense lawyer in Santa Ana can find this solution relatively easy, especially as both sides usually do not want the case to go to court, and the vandalized usually does not want to deal with his insurance company. It is merely finding the best compromise between the parties involved, which may take some doing but is usually feasible. Contact Christopher McCann today to discuss how he can handle your case.

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With vandalism the point is not that it can be easily repaired. It is that the person has built something up and it was destroyed by someone else for his own purpose, one that can seem somewhat petty. That person feels violated, and wants to see proper compensation for that violation. If combined with a hate crime of some sort, that violation can take on an almost physical form. A criminal defense lawyer in Santa Ana needs to address that issue in order to proper defend his client. By addressing whatever the particular form of vandalism occurred, the criminal defense lawyer can find to avoid his client serving any jail time, even though plenty of time may be spent in repairing the vandalism.


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