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Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer - Christopher J. McCann

If you or a loved one is under investigation or has already been charged with a criminal offense, including DUI, call Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher J. McCann for a free consultation.

Attorney McCann provides high quality criminal defense at an affordable price. Besides our reasonable fees, we accept credit cards and offer payment plans if that will help our clients get the lawyer they deserve. There is no excuse that you cannot take advantage of excellent legal representation because of finances. We aggressively represent anyone accused of DUI or any other criminal charge throughout Orange County.

Aggressive Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Christopher J. McCann prides himself on offering aggressive representation at a reasonable fees. Mr. McCann is not the run of the mill criminal lawyer who accepts whatever offer the District Attorney is offering, as many moderately priced criminal attorneys are prone to do. Christopher’s clients receive top-drawer representation at a fair price. Needless to say, Christopher has a busy and thriving legal practice.

Law Enforcement taking suspect to the groundChristopher J. McCann - has made several thousand court appearances in both federal and state courts as well as juvenile courts throughout Orange County, California. Attorney McCann offers a commitment to hands-on personal service and strongly believes in vigorously representing each client’s rights. Every client gets the personal attention that he or she deserves from their criminal lawyer.

As your criminal defense attorney - Christopher will explore every single aspect of your case and create any possible defense necessary to get your charges dismissed or reduced if possible. Christopher does not back down, and will use his experience and knowledge of the court system to pursue the satisfactory outcome you deserve.

Winning Your Case With an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

If there is no way to get your charges dismissed and your case goes to trial, in order to win your case, you need a skilled and charismatic criminal defense attorney representing you. You do NOT want an timid, shy, strip mall lawyer reading PowerPoint slides to a jury. You need an attorney who will actively engage the jury and use his years of experience to connect with the jury and sway them to your favor. Unlike some attorneys, Christopher J. McCann welcomes the opportunity to go to trial and he one of those dynamic criminal defense attorneys who regularly gets his clients the NOT GUILTY verdicts they deserve.

“My goal is to make sure my clients do not get taken advantage of by the criminal justice system. I aggressively advocate for your rights, and will not just kick back while the DA builds their case against you. Instead, I will immediately take charge of your case from our first meeting and will aggressively defend you behind the scenes and in the courtroom if your case gets that far.”  —Chris

When seeking an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney, be sure to hire someone with the proven track record and experience to ensure the best possible outcome. CALL (949) 956-0060 day or night 24/7 to speak personally with Christopher J. McCann.

Careful Investigation and Review of Your Case

As your Orange County criminal defense lawyer, Christopher J. McCann, will uncover and expose the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which often results in his clients’ charges being completely dismissed or significantly reduced to lesser charges. Attorney McCann will comb through the police report in your case, focusing on every single word to determine whether the officer’s statements are misleading, deceptive or can be exploited.

In many criminal cases, attorney McCann or his investigator will review the crime scene, collecting pictures from different vantage points, and conducting his own investigation to uncover and expose flaws in the prosecutor’s case against you. Finally, any witnesses will be contacted to review their statements for new facts, flaws, or corroboration.

Orange County DUI Defense Attorney: Christopher J. McCann

Orange County DUI Attorney Christopher J. McCannIf you are arrested for DUI in Orange County CA, you will face two separate cases. One is the DMV that wants you NO LONGER driving. The second is the criminal case.

You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a DMV Administrative hearing. If you miss don’t do this, your drivers license will be suspended from 4 months to 3 years. Christopher J. McCann can request this hearing and appear on your behalf. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, CALL Chris right now.

Orange County Has Many Criminal Defense Attorneys to Choose From

Good people in bad situations - find themselves overwhelmed by the number of available attorneys and have no real idea which one will provide them honest, quality legal representation. Christopher J. McCann is a criminal defense attorney who is going to personally handle your case. You will not be handed off to a paralegal or associate lawyer. Every meeting will be with Chris and he will be the only one who files every document and makes every court appearance throughout your entire criminal case. Not only are you hiring the best, you are getting his full attention in your defense. Just to prove that, call (949) 956-0060 and see who answers his own phone! If Chris happens to be in court or with a client, rest assured, it will be Christoper who personally returns your call.

I have made several thousand court appearances in federal, state and juvenile courts throughout southern California. I believe in vigorously representing my client’s rights through zealous advocacy in order to achieve an integrative solution that takes into account all of my client’s needs.  —Chris

Get the Expert Help You Need  —  Protect Your Legal Rights

Christopher J. McCann Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney“If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call me personally —Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Christopher J. McCann– at (949) 956-0060 or fill out my Free Case Evaluation Form or simple contact form to the right. Both forms go immediately to my desk and phone. I have made several thousand court appearances in both federal and state courts as well as juvenile courts throughout Southern California and I can help you too.”  —Chris

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What Do My Clients Say?

First of all, he provided an extremely comprehensive defense, I mean, he took literally every step possible to win my case. He made the cop wish he never wrote the ticket. Because even after the court found me guilty during trial by mail, he filed for trial de novo, fought the case, and all charges were dropped! I must say, for a top defense attorney, Chris McCann had a very reasonably priced retainer (damn cheap) & he didn’t ask for ridiculous consultation fees. And watch out, some lawyers will take the retainer and not do much. But Chris McCann will bring down the house if he has to. I called him the day before court mind you. Chris McCann has very concise defense strategies and if you hire him, take his advice and sit back and let the master do what he does best! Seriously, take his advice, he knows what he’s doing, and relax, you hired the best.
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Take advantage of the free case evaluation that is offered to all potential clients. All you have to do is fill out your name, email address, contact number, and a brief description of your case. You will be promptly contact for a free 60 minute case evaluation personally from Christopher J. McCann. There is no obligation and no pressure whatsoever. You will get 60 minutes of free professional advice on your legal matter.

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