How to Choose a Good DUI Attorney

How to Choose a Good DUI Attorney

California upholds strict laws that forbid driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, some drivers do not heed these laws and engage in impaired driving that puts themselves and others at risk. Additionally, some people are wrongfully or mistakenly arrested for DUI and face significant penalties they do not deserve. If you are facing a DUI charge, you should know how to choose a good DUI attorney who can help you fight the charge and secure the minimum possible penalty.

Is it Better to Get a Lawyer for a DUI?

It is always best to have legal representation on your side whenever you are arrested on any type of criminal charges, especially charges like DUI that can potentially complicate your life in many ways for years to come. If you do not get a lawyer, you run the risk of facing the full scope of possible penalties for your offense. Your best option is to seek legal counsel as soon as possible after a DUI arrest, typically as soon as you are able to make a phone call after booking.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Lawyer for Drunk Driving?

While you should not delay obtaining legal counsel from an experienced Orange County DUI attorney, you should not rush your decision, either. Take your time and find a DUI lawyer who offers the skill, resources, and experience you would expect from a seasoned defense attorney. Ask the lawyer how they interpret your case from a professional standpoint and what they expect to unfold as your case progresses. A few key traits to look for in an Orange County DUI attorney include:

  • Find out how many cases the attorney manages at once and how much personal attention you can expect them to give to your case.
  • You are going to rely on your attorney to manage your defense, so you should know how to get in touch with them for updates on case proceedings and how you can contact them.
  • Defense philosophy. What type of approach does the attorney think is best for your situation? Has the attorney handled DUI cases similar to yours in the past. If so, what were the outcomes of those cases?
  • Confidence in your case. No lawyer wants to take a case they know they will lose. If a defense attorney is eager to represent you, take this as a sign that the attorney believes you have a solid defense.

Your initial meeting with a potential Orange County DUI attorney should help you gauge these factors and make an informed decision about your defense representation.

What Questions Should I Ask My DUI Defense Lawyer?

Once you have met with a defense attorney, be sure to clarify anything you do not understand about your case with them. It’s also wise to develop several questions to help you gauge the DUI lawyer’s experience level and suitability to represent you. Consider a few examples of good questions to ask a potential lawyer before you agree to their representation:

  • “What do you expect to be the outcome of my DUI case?” It is perfectly normal to be worried about what will happen with your DUI case. An experienced attorney will be able to help you understand your situation with greater clarity.
  • “Do you think it is possible to have my case dismissed?” Case dismissal is usually a defense attorney’s first goal when accepting a new case. This means a speedy resolution for the client and a relatively easy win for the attorney. If your attorney believes your case could be dismissed, learn more about why they believe this to be the case.
  • “What obstacles and opportunities can you discern about my case?” Every DUI case is different, and your attorney may notice critical factors that could work for or against you as your case unfolds. It is best to explore these topics as early as possible.
  • “What is the most likely penalty I could face if convicted?” Experienced DUI attorneys will know the penalties you are likely to face if convicted. Hearing it from a reputable source can help you put your situation into perspective and allow you to approach the case with more confidence.
  • “What do you think is the likelihood of conviction in my DUI case?” A good attorney will be honest about your chances of success in your defense.

All these questions are great starting points to learn more about your legal options, the proceedings you are sure to face in the near future, and what you can expect from them.

Is It Worth Going to Trial for a DUI Legal Case?

A DUI conviction can lead to many negative outcomes, including fines, jail time, license suspension, and even professional consequences for some individuals. Every American citizen accused of a crime has the right to fight the charges against them, especially when they have evidence that proves their innocence or that the prosecution has failed to make a clear and convincing case for conviction.

An experienced Orange County DUI attorney can help you determine the likelihood of succeeding in trial for your DUI charge. Considering the weight of the penalties that can follow a DUI conviction, if you have the resources to fight out your case in trial, a good attorney will help you determine whether this is a viable course of action likely to yield favorable results.

Find The Best Orange County DUI Attorney To Hire Now

The sooner you secure legal representation when facing criminal charges for DUI, the more likely you will be to beat those charges or at the very least secure the lightest possible sentence for a DUI conviction. In some cases, it is possible to plead down to a “wet reckless” and face probation, DUI school, and mandatory counseling instead of jail time. If you are unsure what your case holds, it is best to reach out to a reliable and experienced Orange County DUI attorney as soon as possible.

If you are ready to discuss your defense, contact the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann and schedule a case review with our team. We will evaluate the charges you face and let you know how our firm can assist you.


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