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Is Los Angeles DUI House Arrest A Better Alternative Against DUI Charges in California?

If you have ever been arrested and convicted for DUI, you must be aware of how embarrassing it can be. However, some people even get overwhelmed by whole process, especially the penalties and jail time. Additionally, many jails do not have enough employees and room to accommodate all the inmates. This is why when it comes to particular drunk driving cases, especially in LA, this problem has often been by utilizing Los Angeles DUI house arrest.


What happens during House Arrest?

If ever end up getting house arrested, you will be assigned a schedule for home and work. To make sure you are present at home, your probation officer will call frequently. To ensure that you comply with the requirements, the probation officer may also randomly call at home or work during the relevant schedules. You might also have to wear a wristwatch device or an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring. The data from your device will be recorded and a log will be transmitted to your probation officer or local authorities via the Internet.


Why Los Angeles DUI House Arrest Might Be Better Than Going to Jail?

If you really want to avoid jail time, then perhaps house arrest might seem like a better alternative as a punishment for your DUI charges. The biggest advantage is that you will be able to continue with your normal life. If you really want to appeal for house arrest instead of jail time to the court, then a qualified, professional DUI attorney could help defend your case appropriately. Despite the constant monitoring you will still be able to live within the comfort of your own home, which will certainly be a lot better than going to jail. You will still have the liberties of normal life.


So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you might face jail time because of DUI, find a DUI attorney in LA who could assist you in getting Los Angeles DUI house arrest instead. Give us a call for a free one hour consultation with Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

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