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How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in California?

California law is very strict on DUIs and treats them strictly. Having a DUI on your driving record means you have a criminal background. A California DUI conviction can possible remain on your driving record for what it may feel like permanently, so you have to persuade the court to remove it.

So how long does a DUI stay on your driving record in California?

A DUI for a commercial driver VS a common individual driver are absolutely different according to the various conditions in the California law.

--- A DUI for a Commercial Driver ---

DUI for a commercial driver is quite different according to the law in California. A first time DUI stays for at least ten years on your record. You can remove the previous DUI from your driving record only by persuading a court for removal.

--- DUI for a Common Individual Driver ---

DUI remains on a driving record of a common individual driver for ten years. DUI is considered a serious offense, so it makes it a bit hard to remove from your driving records easily. If you want to remove the first DUI from your record, being a common individual driver, you can do it only after three years.

How is a DUI on your Driving Record Tracked?

When you are charged for a DUI, your driving record is sent to the NCIC that is a nationwide database for keeping the records of all criminals. FBI maintains NCIC database and NCIC allows all of the agencies of law enforcement to access your driving record. If you have had a conviction of a DUI, NCIC will track the DUI on your driving record of conviction.

How to Remove a DUI from Your Driving Record?

A conviction of a felony level DUI in the state of California has some severe and strict penalties including fines, suspension of your driving license and potentially a sentence for several years. You can persuade the court to remove a DUI from your driving record only when three years have passed from when you received the DUI on your driving record. If it is your first DUI, you can utilize the expunge process that is allowed by the state of California DUI laws according to the penal code 1203.4. The penal code 1203.4 allows you to persuade the court for removing your first DUI from your driving record. You should discuss your case with a skilled and highly professional lawyer who specializes in DUI defense in the state of California. The selection of a professional DUI lawyer in CA and can be a great benefit to remove your DUI criminal record to help with the expunge process.

In short, a majority of people do not know how long a DUI will stay on your driving record in California. Leaving a DUI on your record for up to ten years may affect your future career goals. A skillful criminal defense lawyer can help you in trying to get this DUI record removed in an effort to help a devastating future career job loss situation.

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