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Drunk Driving Accident and Citation Statistics for 2012

Drunk Driving Accident and Citation Statistics for 2012

Guest post written on behalf of Paul J. Tafelski. P.C Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyers, online at michigandefenselaw.com

This past December, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released their annual findings on alcohol impaired driving. The NHTSA is the main source for statistics relating to drunk driving and DUI accidents, and they provide the most comprehensive data on the subject. By looking at the numbers they provided in 2012, one can get a good idea of how many drunk drivers are still on the road each year and how many accidents are caused (and lives taken) by their recklessness. There is still no consensus on how to stop people from driving under the influence, but perhaps taking a look at the data will be enough to stop at least one person.

Drunk Driving Fatalities Decreased Year to Year

Last year there were 9,878 fatalities due to drunk driving accidents, down from 10,136 the year prior. Although the number has decreased slightly, it still accounts for 31 percent of all motor vehicle accident fatalities for the year. Despite the amount of deaths being down year to year, the amount of fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled stayed the same at .34. This indicates that there aren't necessarily fewer people driving while intoxicated as much as there are fewer drivers on the road in total. The percentage of people driving while drunk remains the same.

Who is Driving While Intoxicated?

Statistics show that drivers between the ages of 25 and 34 are most likely to be involved in a fatal accident when alcohol is involved, with 8,517 of the total 43,668 drivers being in this age group. The second most likely age group is 45-54, with 7,493 people causing a fatal accident while driving under the influence. In all road accidents, drivers who were intoxicated were 7 times more likely to have been previously convicted than drivers who had no alcohol in their system. The driver most likely to perish in a DUI accident is the intoxicated one, with 8,119 of the deceased originating in the car operated by the drunk individual and only 1,759 coming from other vehicles involved in the accident.

Amount of People Arrested For Driving Under the Influence

It is estimated that there are 900,000 citations and arrests issued each year against people who have been caught driving under the influence. Over a third of these drivers are repeat offenders, which means they will probably drink and drive again in their lives. Although the number seems to be large, it pales in comparison to the 17 million people who are believed to drive drunk each year.

Drinking and driving is an unsafe practice in which far too many people engage. If the statistics are to be believed, there are no signs of it stopping - unless drastic measures are taken. With stricter laws nowhere on the horizon the only way to avoid drunk driving accidents is to think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. If you have been drinking and need a ride, there are services provided in every city to make sure people get home safe and alive.

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